About Us

Scotland’s marine environment supports the largest known skate in the world – the flapper skate, and the waters around the Orkney archipelago in Northern Scotland, containing over 70 islands and skerries, provide an excellent refuge with optimal conditionsfor their survival. Due to historic high mortality rates from angling and fisheries , the flapper skate has been in decline in Scottish waters for several decades – it is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List and is recognised as a priority marine feature in Scotland.

In recognition of the endangered status of flapper skate, the Orkney Skate Trust
(OST) was established by a group of volunteers in 2010 with aims to:

·       Raise awareness of flapper skate and share information

·       Collect data on the ecology and distribution of flapper skate around
Orkney, and the north of Scotland.

·       Partner with scientific institutions, and other stakeholders to
undertake and understand the research, then publish results within scientific

·       Assist marine planning and policy by providing free information on flapper
skate to marine stakeholders, NGOs, and the Scottish Government. 

·       Provide a platform for volunteers to become involved in marine science
and field work, supporting citizen science and young people’s careers in marine



The Orkney Skate Trust is a constituted third sector group – based around volunteering and run non profit.

Contact us by email on: info@orkneyskatetrust.co.uk


The Orkney Skate Trust would like to recognise the following organisations who have enabled funded work

  • Scottish & Southern Energy Network Transmission (SSENT)
  • Deep Sea World- Scotland’s national aquarium
  • Nature Scot
  • Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF)
  • The Northen Isles Landscape Partnership
  • The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership
  • The National Lottery – Awards for All & The Big Lottery Fund
  • World Wide Fund for Nature – Netherlands (WWF